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418 d.o.o.

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418 d.o.o. – Your one stop shop for everything Magento and Adobe Commerce

A boutique ecommerce agency that helps merchants build, maintain, and grow their online stores.

Tap into our 15+ years of experience for a fraction of a big agency cost! Pricing starts at €50/hour

Our services:

Develop and build

We build amazing online stores based on Magento 2 Open Source or Adobe Commerce (and Adobe Commerce Cloud) platforms.

Upgrade and maintain

We upgrade, maintain, and add new features to existing online stores. Enjoy proactive support of top experts!


We help you grow your online stores through ecommerce consulting and technical SEO. Ask us anything!

418’s Mission: Empowering business growth through ecommerce websites.

Ecommerce merchants from USA, EU, and Australia* use 418’s services to build, maintain, and grow their online stores!

*Don’t worry, they can read it normally.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Integrations

We integrate your Adobe Commerce Cloud with various 3rd party systems – from different ERPs, to CRMs, PIMs or other solutions.

Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4

We troubleshoot and fix issues related to GA4 migration, GTM issues and all sorts of tracking related issues you have on Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Support

We monitor your Adobe Commerce Cloud website through New Relic and proactively fix issues before you even notice them!

Site Speed Optimisation Magento 2

Let your Core Web Vitals shine as we optimise your web shop’s key site speed metrics!

418’s Mission: Empowering business growth through ecommerce websites.

418’s Vision: The go-to partner for ecommerce success.


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Studies have shown that having pictures of actual people from your team on your website improves your website’s conversion rate…

…so here is a picture of our CEO Toni Aničić in our actual office, drinking tea.

About 418 d.o.o.

Founded in 2023 in Osijek, Croatia by two Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce consultants and developers with over a decade of experience each. We served and serve clients from all over the world (EU, USA, Australia) within various industries (from fashion and clothing webshops to customisable products).

Why 418?

The HTTP 418 I’m a teapot client error response code indicates that the server refuses to brew coffee because it is, permanently, a teapot.

Hire us and see how we will be your cup of tea!

Knowledge base

Learn how we use New Relic for Technical SEO

Learn how to properly upgrade Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce websites